Slides and Code from “Using C#’s Async Effectively”

The slides and code from my talk on the new async language features in C# and VB.Net are now available on

This includes the complete slide deck, and all 4 projects, including:

  • FakeService: Simple WCF service to run locally and simulate network service calls.
  • AsyncService: Simple WCF service which wraps FakeService to demonstrate converting sync to async
  • SimpleWPFExample: Simplest example of converting a method call to async from a synchronous version
  • AsyncExamples: Windows Store application demonstrating main concepts, pitfalls, tips, and tricks from the slide deck

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One Response to “Slides and Code from “Using C#’s Async Effectively””
  1. Caspar Kleijne says:

    Great example. Thanks!

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