IDisposable Part 4 – Factored Types

For part 4 of my series on IDisposable, I wanted to mention one other place where this interface should be used – Factored Types.

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IDisposable Part 3 – Encapsulating an IDisposable class

For part 3 of my series on IDisposable, I’m going to focus on ownership of other IDisposable resources.  In this series, we’re going to build on our LicenseAGenerator class from Part 2, encapsulating inside of a class which will use it repeatedly.

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A couple of days ago I went to the Bellingham .NET Users Group event for April.  Jonathan Carter, the technical evangelist for ASP.NET MVC did the talk for the evening, and I must say, it was quite interesting.

Now, personally, I am not a “web guy.”  I do nearly all of my development on the desktop, and most of my experience with web development has been using the LAMP stack, mostly via PHP.  I do try to keep current on what’s out there, and play with a few technologies as they become commonplace, but my day to day programming is still C++ and C# on the desktop.

That being said, I was pleasantly surprised with ASP.NET MVC.  The routing mechanism that’s core to the framework is very elegant.  It does seem obvious to me that Microsoft is borrowing ideas from the Ruby on Rails folks with this – it’s a pretty far departure from the previous means of developing using ASP.NET.

In particular, I love the separation of concerns and the testability.  I definitely think it’s worth checking out…

You know you’ve found a bad C# API when…

I’ve been evaluating a certain, unnamed 3rd party vendor.  They have a programming library API for integrating their product into OEM solutions.

I purposefully don’t want to point fingers, or name specific names, but this API is one of the worst C# API’s I’ve ever seen.  I don’t understand why they even bother providing a C# API and samples…

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My company is a hiring UI Developer!

C Tech Development Corporation is hiring a UI developer.  C Tech rarely hires new developers, since we try to maintain a stable, long term relationship with our employees, so this is a unique opportunity.  Anybody with strong user experience skills, and a .NET development background, please feel free to check it out.