Visual Studio 2010 Beta

Microsoft just released Visual Studio 2010 Beta to the public at large.  Now we just have to wait for the final release…

Just keep repeating: “C# is not Java. C# is not C++.”

Vicente Cartas’s latest blog post on Singleton’s in C# (original post in Spanish) illustrates something very important for learning C# well – there are subtle, but very important differences in C# which are very valuable to learn if you’re coming from a Java or C++ background.  This is a classic example – the traditional C++ forms of the Singleton pattern are not appropriate in C#.

C# and .NET make life a lot easier, in a lot of ways… but it’s critical to understand the subtle nuances caused by the abstraction layers .NET provides. 

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Great news on the parallel front for VS 2010

I just saw Daniel Moth’s latest post on new features in Visual Studio 2010, and I got excited and decided that I had to share.

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IDisposable Part 5 – Using IDisposable Classes in C#

For part 5 of my series on IDisposable, I want to focus on using IDisposable objects.  We’ve seen many of the ways and reasons you might create an IDisposable class.  Now, we’ll use the classes we’ve created.

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