Better User and Developer Experiences – From Windows Forms to WPF with MVVM

This series introduces the Model-View-ViewModel Pattern from the point of view of a Windows Forms developer. The goal is not to introduce WPF, but to demonstrate some of the new features within Windows Presentation Foundation, and show how they should force every WPF developer to re-think how they design their applications.
The Model-View-ViewModel pattern is introduced after a discussion of three of the main features in WPF which enable it’s usage. In order to illustrate this, three versions a single application were written:

  • A Windows Forms application
  • A WPF Version of the application, using the same style
  • A WPF Version of the application, built using MVVM

This allows a detailed understanding of the reasons behind MVVM, as well as the technology that enables the pattern.

Series Outline

The source code for this series is posted on MSDN Code Gallery.


Note: Since the Code Gallery was removed, I have now attached the source code to this article.  This is unchanged from the version posted with the original article.


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