My name is Reed Copsey, Jr.  I live in the wonderful town of Bellingham, WA, where I am the CTO of C Tech Development Corporation.  We work on scientific analysis and visualization software, geared towards the earth sciences.

I develop mainly in F#, C#, and C++.  Due to the highly computational, scientific nature of our software, I frequently run across many issues in development that are outside of the norm.

I am very interested in aspects of the .NET framework that may be overlooked at times, particularly those areas that are less popular like performance, large scale memory efficiency, and many other subjects usually outside of the necessary realm of the typical business application.  In particular, I tend to love exploring software architecture, new technology such as Windows Presentation Foundation, and ways to bring more efficiency in programming in general, such as profiling, optimization, and parallelization of code.

I am also a current Microsoft Visual C# MVP.

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