I frequently blog about topics of which I am quite fond.  Many of these topics are far too large to fit into a single blog post, and become a full series upon a single topic.

These series of posts are listed below, with full details available on their corresponding pages.

 C# 5 Async – (Work in Progress)

This series discusses the new Visual Studio Async CTP.

Parallelism in .NET – (Work in Progress)

This series discusses the new parallelism functionality in .NET 4.  Subjects are introduced slowly, based upon well known patterns.  This is a very detailed, in depth approach to the concurrency tools available with .NET 4.0.

Better User and Developer Experiences – From Windows Forms to WPF with MVVM

This nine part series introduces the Model-View-ViewModel pattern.  It is geared towards Windows Forms developers, introducing new capabilities in Windows Presentation Foundation, and showing how the developer experience can be improved by using WPF via MVVM.

IDisposable – The oft misunderstood and misused interface

This five part series introduces the IDisposable interface, showing the different requirements to implement it effective depending on the scenario for usage.

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